Zikr of the Heart

With Pir Shabda Kahn & Friends

Recorded live in Boston April 2002

A joyous collection of Devotional Chant and Zikrs recorded in Boston during a SAMA retreat with Pir Shabda. Over 70 live voices and hearts joining in!

  1. Opening Bismillah
  2. Breathing Zik
  3. Hijaz Scale Zikr
  4. Sahara Zikr
  5. Zikr of Yearning (Firdousi)
  6. Fez Zikr
  7. Three-part Bismillah
  8. Moroccan Qadiri Zikr
  9. Sweet Zikr in Major Scale
  10. Turning Zikr
  11. Zikr of the Morning Breeze
  12. May All Beings Be Well

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