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SamaSangha is the community of seekers who have gathered in Massachusetts, and also far and wide, with the guidance of Sufi Murshids Halima and Abraham Sussman.

In the Sufi Ruhaniat lineage of Pir-o-Murshid Hazrat Inayat Khan and Murshid Samuel Lewis our sangha supports our collective realization that love, harmony, and beauty are the foundation of spiritual life. Tuning to the interconnected nature which unites all of creation, our practice serves the protection of all life on Earth.

Since 1972 Halima and Abraham have been leading gatherings of the Dances of Universal Peace in Cambridge Massachusetts, where Murshid Sam first brought the dances in 1969. Sama (which refers to the sacred dance and music) is the name of our center and our sangha includes our many friends who have shared these practices with us. In recent years Halima, and Abraham have traveled to Russia, Colombia, Ecuador, Mexico, New Zealand, Australia, Holland, Latvia, and Spain, and the many friends they have made around the world have also become part of SamaSangha. Through regular in person and online teachings and gatherings, this sangha continues to grow.

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